Brokers Can Find a Home with UROUTE

Provide and Source Capacity on a Single Platform

November 14, 2023


  • Brokers are an integral part of UROUTE and an integral part of providing capacity to UROUTE shippers.
  • Brokers are a “friend” to shippers, especially in the current state of the trucking industry.
  • UROUTE provides more than a platform for brokers to find shippers and source capacity for shippers, UROUTE also gives brokers the ability to manage day-to-day operations with a top-notch, broker focused TMS and our hands-off API capacity sourcing option for brokers.

We know that brokers have traditionally gotten a “bad rap” in logistics, and we want brokers to know that UROUTE doesn’t share that view. On the contrary, UROUTE understands and believes that brokers are an integral part of the logistics ecosystem.

Brokers Serve an Important Purpose

The demand for TL carriers in 2021 has outpaced available capacity leading to as much as a 30% increase in spot rates, if you can find a truck at all. This is where trusted brokers come in, with such a big jump in rates, shippers are forced to spend more time truck searching. Reputable brokers work hard to source capacity and find affordable trucks for shippers. A solution for brokers and shippers is to meet in an interactive logistics platform to achieve their mutual goals, win business and secure capacity in a trusted closed network.  Enter UROUTE.

Interactivity and Networking Create a Participant Centric Ecosystem

UROUTE’s platform is set up so that all participants can interact in the now, keeping it uncompromised and unbiased by having an in-app networking system, letting each participant decide who can interact with them. We recommend fostering a relationship with shippers outside of UROUTE first, and encouraging them to accept your connection request inside of UROUTE once a relationship is established. Creating a relationship first, as opposed to sending a blind connection request, enhances the prospect of growing your network and winning business.

Next Level End-to-End Logistics Operations  

With increased business and an increasing demand for end-to-end visibility, it is more important than ever to be able to run your day-to-day operations as efficiently as possible. Again, enter UROUTE. Brokers can leverage UROUTE’s TMS to plan and dispatch all loads, with the bonus of zero manual data entry for all loads that are direct UROUTE shippers. With a simple toggle brokers can search for and source capacity from our pool of premium capacity providers. Imagine if you leveraged UROUTE to the fullest, never deal with manual data entry or cumbersome manual tasks again!  

Learn more about how UROUTE and Brokers are partners in capacity:


“Streamline shipping tasks and improve efficiency”

We have been able to narrow down our freight choices, allowing us to build freight discounts with the nation's leading carriers, allowing us to create established and trustworthy business connections with freight representatives (including drivers) and our end customers...

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