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Bring your capacity providers, venders, and customers together in a single interactive

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How UROUTE saves you money

Purchasing freight at the lowest market price
Negotiating favorable long term contract rates
Trailer cube optimization
LTL Order Consolidator
Reduces detention and other accessorial fees
Do more work with less staff
Bill Audit to eliminate over charges
Direct communication with carriers
ERP integration for Streamlined operations
GL integration for cost insights
Work from anywhere... efficiently
Ultimate time saver

What separates UROUTE from other cloud TMS products

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Bring capacity providers, vendors and customers into a shared platform.

Smart Calendar

Built in appointment scheduler based off facility constraints.

Private Fleet Management

Manage your fleet in the same application.

Free on-boarding, training and customer support

We never nickel and dime our customers.

Massive motor carrier and broker network

Thousands of proven capacity providers to move your freight.

All Modes TL, LTL, IM, Milk-Runs, International, Drayage, Customer pick-ups

Configure your account to handle various shipment types.

Core Functionality Features

Spot bid management
Pre-determined Carrier Assignments
Electronic RFQs
Water Fall Tendering
Visibility Tools & Established APIs
Dynamic Reports and Analytic Tools
Carrier Management
Document management
Built-in messaging
Automated Bill Audit
Freight Optimization
Route Optimization
Appointment Scheduler
Private Fleet Management
FREE TMS to Motor Carrier Partners
ERPs, ELDs, Visibility Tools, LTL Carriers, Digital TL Brokers.

ERP Integrations

ELD Integrations

TL - Digital Broker Integrations

Capacity Providers

Cost Savings
Monthly Shipments
Unique Integrations
Privately Owned
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“Streamline shipping tasks and improve efficiency”

We have been able to narrow down our freight choices, allowing us to build freight discounts with the nation's leading carriers, allowing us to create established and trustworthy business connections with freight representatives (including drivers) and our end customers...

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