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Unleash the technology to grow your fleet, increase profitability and network with direct shippers and top rated 3PLs

Use UROUTE to manage your entire trucking operation. Always FREE to connect with shippers

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UROUTE Increases Profits

Reduce data entry
high paying freight Piped directly into your software
Grow without adding staff
Identify your most profitable lanes/customers
network with direct shippers and brokers
ai load match reduces empty miles, load searching & monthly subscriptions

Free 1 year unlimited Trial

$50.00 per month unlimited, alway FREE to connect with shippers.

No Limits

Unlimited users, unlimited dispatchers, unlimited trucks, unlimited terminals and Full Functionality

direct Freight Opportunities

Hight paying freight opportunities piped inside your trucking dispatch software.

Want to start a brokerage?

We offer single platform brokerage software for motor carriers

Privacy Protection

Protect your privacy, but still cut down on manual status updates.

Driver Integrations

PayPal and other electronic settlement capabilities. Get money to drivers on the road at a reduced cost per settlement.

Reduce Redundancy

Stop having to sign up for driver APPS and 3rd party visibility tools and inputting data

Core Functionality Features

Build/Dispatch Loads
Customer Invoicing – Automated
Mobile Driver Application
Equipment Management/Assignments
Driver Management, Settlements, Deductions, Notifications
Accepts EDI and API shipments (IT Managed by UROUTE)
ELD Integration – Privacy Protection Guarantee
Revenue and other dynamic Reports
Connect with shippers and broker(s) of your choice
Contact Database Manage – Eliminate Data Entry
IT Integrations

ERP Integrations

ELD Integrations

TL API Integrations




UROUTE Trucking Software Video Library

Learn all the ways UROUTE trucking software can enhance your company's operation. We have all the tools to unlock your success and compete in today's digital freight world.

Cost Savings
Monthly Shipments
Unique Integrations
Privately Owned

More ways UROUTE serves Motor Carriers

Motor Carriers

Freight Broker software Available

Start or enhance your brokerage division in the same software portal

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Top tier Logistics IT Solutions.

UROUTE shippers and top freight brokers piped into your operational software. High paying freight

UROUTE portal access is FREE for motor carriers looking to find freight opportunities. That is correct, no cost to find direct shipper and top rate broker freight through UROUTE.

Direct shippers are looking to connect with: Motor Carriers use dispatch software to reduce transactional costs, load finding activities and more.

Once your account has been set up and approved here is how to connect with your Shipper.

UROUTE Shippers and Freight Management Companies are looking to connect with you.

Connect with shippers
looking for truck

Spot and Contract
freight from shippers

Streamline your processes with API & EDI integrations

Who is UROUTE?

UROUTE is a software company

UROUTE is not a FREIGHT BROKER pretending to be a software company

UROUTE is not an Open Load Board

UROUTE is not your Competitor

UROUTE is designEd to make interacting with your Freight sources easier, not harder

UROUTE is unbiased – Privately owned Software Company


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How can I automate inside UROUTE?

Do you want to cut down on all the portal entries and App logins or spot bids and status updates?  Let’s set-up some systems integrations to make your life easier.

Ways to integrate




inventory predictions dashboard for supply chain management

More ways UROUTE serves Motor Carriers

Motor Carriers

UROUTE offers trucking software

UROUTE offer FREE trucking software.  That’s right, comprehensive full feature trucking software for FREE.  Unlimited Users, Unlimited Trucks.  

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Freight Brokers

UROUTE offers Cloud-based Freight Broker software

Move your company into the Digital Freight Marketplace. Find the truck capacity you're looking for and the visibility your need.  Take a look at or Freight Broker Software.

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“Streamline shipping tasks and improve efficiency”

We have been able to narrow down our freight choices, allowing us to build freight discounts with the nation's leading carriers, allowing us to create established and trustworthy business connections with freight representatives (including drivers) and our end customers...

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