UROUTE® Delivers a Completely Free TMS Solution to Motor Carriers

Manage Direct Shipper Freight and Source Trusted Broker Back Hauls All in a Single Platform

Motor Carriers
November 14, 2023


  • UROUTE’s interactive TMS is designed to reduce the day-to-day workload of motor carriers.
  • UROUTE is cognizant of carrier privacy concerns and staunchly refuses to sell carrier data ensuring it is protected.
  • UROUTE’s TMS, when fully utilized, pays dividends with the ability to fully automate almost every aspect of a motor carrier’s business.

Motor carriers joining UROUTE® for its free, unbiased and uncompromised freight exchange to find direct shipper freight and trusted broker backhauls have an amazing surprise waiting for them. UROUTE offers motor carriers a free transportation management system (TMS) to manage their full operation. Although free, this motor carrier TMS is not a slimmed down version, it’s full and feature rich, including unlimited users and locations, and is completely free with zero hidden fees.

Reduce Costs and Workload, Reclaim Autonomy

Historically, it has always been the carrier who is tasked with shouldering the burden of extra costs, absorb customer technology that increases their demands and in turn increases staffing costs. Using UROUTE can completely break that trend and alleviate those burdens for motor carriers. When carriers decide to take full advantage of the free and interactive TMS, they reduce costs and their day-to-day workload. Every time carriers are tendered freight from a direct UROUTE shipper or a freight broker, the carrier has zero data entry to perform. Shipment details are generated instantly and automatically inserted directly into their TMS with no key strokes, and rate confirmations are digital and time stamped. UROUTE even cues up an invoice for each shipment ready to be digitally submitted to shippers. All of this automation allows carriers more time to concentrate on planning, operations and profitability.  

Carriers can still maintain customers outside the UROUTE eco-system, but that is the only case data entry would be required. UROUTE operates nothing like a legacy load board where carriers search for loads, manually negotiate agreeable rates and a transit schedule. Inside UROUTE, carriers man the wheel and have full control to pick from numerous freight opportunities that are filtered down to a carrier’s pre-determined lane and equipment specifications. This eliminates all the wasted time and staff hours on the phone or scowering load boards looking for shipments that match.  

Data Privacy is a UROUTE Priority  

UROUTE is cognizant of carrier privacy concerns and staunchly refuses to sell carrier data ensuring it’s protection. Too many technology providers are interested in making money selling carrier data to third parties, but UROUTE prides itself on staying above the fray. Working and finding profitable freight in UROUTE eliminates the need for carriers to give third party visibility tools, application programming interfaces (APIs) access to their electronic logging devices (ELDs). Ultimately, this is the carrier’s TMS, so they control data distribution, eliminating manual status updates in multiple web portals, and protecting their most sensitive data.

Make UROUTE’s TMS Work for You  

Because UROUTE houses so many desirable features that reduce manual tasks for the carrier, there can be a bit of a systems learning curve. Carriers that take the time to understand UROUTE’s full capabilities see a rewarding payoff when they automate every aspect of their business including filtering freight by preferred lanes, invoicing, dispatch data entry, driver settlements, and (previously) labor intensive manual status updates. UROUTE wants the payoff to be as easy to achieve as possible and provides training videos accessible right inside the portal and will be offering LIVE training and Q&A sessions for all active carriers in 2021.  

Carriers are provided the flexibility to utilize UROUTE in any fashion they choose. They can use UROUTE as a customized sales feature to search for direct shippers, automate their broker backhauls, or can fully capitalize on all UROUTE tools to transform and streamline operations through a robust technical suite.  

Ready to enhance your operations and increase your bottom line? Stop compromising and start competing on a level playing field. Learn more and get access to UROUTE’s free, interactive, motor carrier TMS now!

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