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Use UROUTE for client LTL rate shopping portal.

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Use UROUTE for client LTL rate shopping portal

Does your freight brokerage company struggle with the right technology to offer LTL?  Are you leaving dollars on the table because it takes too long to find the low cost LTL carrier with the right service?

LTL carrier APIs

Use UROUTE’s pre-established LTL carrier APIs to bring your negotiated rate tariffs back in an easily digestible fashion.  Stop logging in to multiple carrier websites to find the right selection

Pre-established Partnerships

Take advantage of our growing 70+ LTL National/Regional Carrier Pre-established API and EDI LTL Partnerships.

Total Flexibility

Use for your own team or be able to provide your clients with their own web user interface.  

LTL Done Right

Partition users and companies under one account

Over 70+ unique carrier LTL API Integrations

API Rating

API Transit Schedules

API and EDI Status updates

Electronic Invoicing

Bill Audit

Scalable, Multi-Facility Configuration

Customer Portal Access In your Environment

Don’t have established LTL pricing?

No big deal.  Join UROUTE’s affiliation program and receive rates directly through our brokerage partnership program.  Learn more, Sign up for a product demonstration today.

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“Streamline shipping tasks and improve efficiency”

We have been able to narrow down our freight choices, allowing us to build freight discounts with the nation's leading carriers, allowing us to create established and trustworthy business connections with freight representatives (including drivers) and our end customers...

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